Piggybank Web Hosting

Boutique Webhosting Just For Piggybank Customers

Server racks, like the ones our websites are hosted on!

Giving our Clients access to high-quality hosting at an affordable price is the driving force behind Piggybank Webhosting. Unlike other hosts who host everybody and anybody, our hosting is reserved exclusively for Piggybank Marketing Customers.

  • Nightly off-site back-up of the entire server. Secondary back-ups of your site on a scheduled basis
  • Dedicated server with only our Customers on it.
  • We can increase disk space and bandwidth usage as needed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Customized to host Joomla and WordPress websites and their unique security requirements.

"We don’t design websites. We design Piggybank Websites.
The difference? Ours go Ka-Ching!"

Piggybank Marketing is a web design and internet marketing business based in Barrie, Ontario.